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my name is Philip Becker and I develop, design, create and make all kinds of things, from furniture, over tool modifications, to camera gear. In documenting and sharing my work, I want to show what is possible and help you in making your own projects and get working with your hands.

I’m a technical drawer by trade and at the moment, I’m back at school to further my education and become an Engineering Technician. As a balance for my desk job, I started woodworking and made furniture for my then empty apartment. And as a hobbyist photographer and filmmaker, it was almost natural for me to grab my camera and document my work.

Since then, making became a big part of my life and I enjoy building things with my own hands and working on my own ideas and projects. In addition, I can implement what I’m learning at school, to make my projects better and deepen my learning.

As I moved to a new city when I went back to school, I didn’t had a shop at my hands. So I started working with 3D Printers, Electronics and Arduino, which opened up a completely new world for me. Luckily, in the summer of 2021, I found a new shop. Not only can I work on bigger projects again, but in addition I’m finally able to work with metal. For a long time I wanted to learn how to weld and build things out of steel.

All these new possibilities and skills I’m learning at the moment and in the future, are going to make me hopefully a more rounded maker and engineer.

Filming everything gave a completely new perspective to the whole process. I really enjoy this part, even though, it can get quite cumbersome from time to time. But by sharing my work on different Social Media platforms, it opened up the whole maker community for me.

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