DIY Tool Wall with a custom Pegboard | Creative Maker Space Pt 2

DIY Tool Wall with a custom Pegboard

After building the movable and foldable Workbench for my Creative Maker Space, it was time to build a Tool wall. I wanted to use Pegboard, as the tools are easily accessible and they look very good, which is not unimportant, as this room still needs to function as a living room. Plus you can change and adjust the arrangement in the future, which I will definitely do.

I could use a leftover 6 mm birch plywood piece from an old furniture project. The only problem is, that it has no holes. So I had to drill them (16*29 = 464 in total). They are 50 mm apart and 6 mm in diameter. I double the distance from the standard 1 inch (=25,4 mm), as this would be too much and completely unnecessary.

Luckily, I took all the tool holders from my old shop with me, so I could reuse them. Some of them are not quite suited for such a small wall, so I probably going to replace them in the near future.

This is the second part of my Creative Maker Space Build Series.

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