Bathroom Furniture from one sheet of plywood

Bathroom Furniture from one sheet of plywood

My bathroom was somewhat empty. The only furniture in there was a cheap Ikea cabinet and a glass shelf that the previous tenant left. To get a little bit more storage and to finally have a mirror in the bathroom (try grooming without one), I decided to make my own cabinets. One with a sliding mirror, which acts as a door, hanging above the sink and one with sliding doors for under the sink.

Because my bathroom is narrow, I wanted to use sliding doors so I don’t have to lean or move to the side to open the cabinets. As material, I used somewhat cheap pine plywood from my local hardware store, dowels for reinforcement and prefabricated beech trim and square rod to get a solution for a mistake I made. The only power tools used, were a circular saw, a drill and a random orbital sander.

The design is pretty simple and straightforward. Both cabinets are simple rectangular boxes. For the mirror cabinet I added a shelf in the middle and a french cleat in the back to simplify hanging it to the wall. The lower cabinet gets no shelves and the backboard goes just halfway up, to leave space for the plumbing. To challenge myself I decided to mitre the corners and not use any screws, just dowels.

The first thing I did was to cut the strips I needed to width and I did this on the floor with foam insulation under the plywood, so I don’t cut into my floor. I free handed the first cut and used it with the fabricated edge as a guide for my next cuts. After that, I set my saw to 45° and used a square to cut all my pieces to the final length. Next, I glued all my parts together, using straps to clamp them. And at this point I realised I forgot to cut the slots for the sliding mirror and that I cut the ones for the sliding doors wrong, so I couldn’t insert them after the glue up, as planned. I ditched the doors on the lower cabinet, as I don’t actually need them, and came up with a solution for the mirror cabinet. As my mirror was also a bit too tall for the cabinet, I used the beech trim to make a slot for the mirror to slide in and glued it with ca glue to some square rod, which acts as a guide and a towel hook.

In the end, my mistake lead to a better result, which is great and I’m very happy with both cabinets.

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