Modern Nightstand made out of Plywood and Oak

Modern Nightstand

I wanted a nightstand, which not only looks nice, but has also a lot of storage, so I can place different things on and in it. So, I decided, that I’m going to have one big drawer at the bottom and an additional shelf on top of it. That way, I would have way more space to put things that I need to reach constantly (e.g. clock, light, glasses, smartphone, books etc.).

The body of the nightstand and the drawer is made out of 18 mm birch plywood and the drawer front is solid oak. I didn’t wanted to use any handle for the drawer, so I cut the top at a 45° angle for your finger to grip the front and open the drawer.

In terms of joinery, I decided to use my new (and first ever) router and make rabbets in the corner and dadoes for the shelf. I like the look of this joinery with plywood and the way the lines of the plies connect and intersect each other.