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For a long time I stored all my clothes on two Ikea Mulig clothes racks and a Skubb organizer. The clothes racks worked fine and I liked the open storage for my t-shirts, sweaters and jackets. But I didn’t like the Skubb organizer. The shelves were unfavourably spaced, it started to sag over time and it took up quite some space on the rack. So much space, that, without the Skubb organizer, I could probably put all my clothes on 1 rack and get rid of the other one.

But without the organizer, there was no space for my towels, socks, underwear etc. I didn’t want to build a full wardrobe as I liked the open clothes rack very much. So I came up with the idea to build a low profile dresser and put the clothes rack on top of it.

The cabinet were build out of 18 mm birch plywood. The corners were simple butt joints with biscuits. I had planned on using dowels, but later changed my mind and used biscuits instead. Unfortunately, I had already drilled the holes for the dowels, so I had to plug them later. The easiest and most accessible way to store socks and underwear, are drawers. So I build 2 out of 15 mm plywood. I had to use 15 mm plywood, as the undermount drawer slides allow a thickness of a maximum of 16 mm. By the way, these undermount drawer slides are really awesome. They are easy to install and you can adjust them afterwards, so you get nice even gaps with multiple drawers.

I cut of the curves of the feet of the rack. In their original state, the feet would be too wide for the cabinet and it looks nicer, when they are flat on top of the dresser. After sanding off the white paint of the clothe rack as much as possible, I spray painted it black. I forgot the holes for the screws to mount the rack onto the dresser, so I drilled them afterwards and touched up the paint, as I damaged it a little bit while drilling.

The last step was to get it home and assemble everything. After that I could enjoy my new dresser cloth rack combo.

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